05 March - 2018
.IMAGINE EXPRESS 4YFN by RENFE-SNCF By: Tryptic, 0 Comments

Imagine Express is a program aimed to generate businesses in the Mobile sector which takes place during a 4-day trip by train to and from Barcelona-Paris-London, which will take place during the Mobile World Congress 2017 (February 24th to February 27th). The participants (12 creative minds, 12 software engineers and 12 entrepreneurs), who will not meet each other in advance, will have the challenge to form groups of 3 with the goal of generating apps for one of the 4 strategic sectors selected.

The ideas will be presented to investors in London and the best team in each sector will receive mentorship to carry out their project successfully. Once in Barcelona, the entrepreneurs will present in the World Mobile Congress and will be installed in incubators of this city.